Linda Fuchs, Activist

Linda Fuchs received her doctorate in psychology from The Center for Psychological Studies in Berkeley, California. Most of what she learned was on the job and actually interacting with people.  Linda Fuchs was a Child Welfare Worker, for 20 Years, for Alameda County Children and Family Services.  She was able to meet families in crisis and try to work out a plan for the safety of the family.

Linda’s dissertation research involved interviewing women in Oakland who had their children removed as a result of substance abuse, and then worked to have them returned.  The percentage of women who did so is small, less than 10 percent.  They worked to recover and stay in recovery.  They had to honestly face themselves and the world they live in. 

While working in this capacity Linda was able to see a part of the world that was very troubling to her. She quickly realized, poverty and race played a big role in how people were treated.  As a resident Oakland, California, she sees the effects that crime and poverty have in the community, where fairness and respect are sought. It is an ongoing drive for her to advocate for families in crisis and she continues to ascertain how to create justice for her community. She feels, such a path is necessary for individuals, as well as, for our society and our leaders.

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