Debbie Brubaker, Producer

Debbie is a seasoned producer in the world of “indie” feature films and considered the ‘godmother’ of the San Francisco Bay Area independent movie arena. One of her current production successes, was co-producing Peter Bratt’s movie La Mission. Debbie also was a producer on the recently unleashed comedy/horror pic, All About Evil, directed by Joshua Grannell. She has also done many other feature narratives, such as Finn Taylor’s The Darwin Awards. Debbie produced Dopamine, directed by Mark Decena, which was also a big hit at the Sundance Film Festival 2003, Unflinching Triumph: The Phillip Rockhammer Story , another feature directed by Mark Decena, Teknolust, directed by Lynn Hershman Leesom, Bartleby , and The Californians by Jonathan Parker, and Cherish, directed by Finn Taylor. Debbie has also worked on many feature documentaries, In the Shadow of the Stars, which won an Academy Award, the Emmy award winning movie, Blink, and the soon to air feature documentary by Jennifer Seibel Newsom, Miss Representation. Debbie’s currently a producer on the feature film Neon Sky directed by Jennifer Juelich, now in post production. Debbie is a Film Commissioner for the City of San Francisco and the Executive Chair of the San Francisco Coordinating Committee of the Directors Guild of America

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